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Capital Improvements Division

The Capital Improvements Division is responsible for the management, design and construction of Placer County facilities, including new construction, additions, remodels and tenant improvements. The Division is also responsible for managing the County’s hazardous materials program and identifying risks to reduce County liability. To accomplish this work the Division employs collaborative processes to define project objectives and needs; utilizes a number of project design and construction methods (i.e. Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Job Order Contract and Placer County Building Maintenance) to match the best project delivery method with the specific project; and incorporates design features aimed at maximizing the life of the building, increasing energy efficiency and reducing maintenance and operations costs.

Current Projects

ADA Assessment

  • Description: Consultant Contract – Assessment of compliance with accessibility standards for path of travel, adjacent exterior sites, all buildings and specialized areas; identifying, locating and citing specific code violations for all architectural barriers as required by current State of California and Federal Accessibility Standards.
  • Location: Placer County
  • Total Cost: $143,660
  • Contact: Lisa James

Auburn Animal Shelter

  • Description: The Design-Build delivery of the new Auburn Animal Shelter will replace the existing animal shelter which was constructed in 1972. The proposed new shelter of approximately 37,000 square feet will provide a modern, operationally and energy efficient facility that promotes the implementation of best practices in animal care, housing, and treatment in order to maximize the number of healthy adoptable pets in Placer County. The new Shelter will accommodate Placer County sheltering needs through 2035. The County anticipates completion of this new shelter in late 2015 or early 2016.
  • Animal Shelter Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study & Checklist dated September 11, 2013 (Link to attached document ‘Mitigated Negative Declaration Initial Study-091113’)
  • Location: Placer County Government Center, The project site is located at the west end of the Placer County Government Center campus in Auburn, California, approximately 1 mile east of Highway 49, between Bell Road and Atwood Road.
  • Total Cost: $ 21.6 Million
  • Contact: Bill Lardner

Recently Completed Projects

442nd WWII Memorial

  • Description: The project consists of a 36' diameter concrete compass with bronze lettering (Go For Broke) & N,S,E,W markers. There are five granite boulders three of which have a bronze plaque installed on them. One of the other boulders has an eight foot bronze statue resting on it and the last bolder has the names of the 442nd/MIS veterans names installed on it. There are also two polished black (donor) granite benches installed and two large brick monument podiums.
  • Location: Bill Santucci Justice Center
  • Total Cost: By donations and volunteers
  • Contact: Tim Arndt

Auburn Justice Center

  • Description: The project consists of the Sheriff’s Department, which includes Administration and Headquarters, Patrol, Investigations, 911/Dispatch Center, Human Resources, Records, Civil, Coroner, Evidence, Search & Rescue, Payroll, Training including a shooting range. The 97,080 s.f. building also houses the Juvenile Division of the District Attorney, and the Juvenile Division of Probation along with their Department Administration.
  • Location: 2929 Richardson Drive, Auburn
  • Total Cost: $36,580,000
  • Contact: Jerry Minta

Building B Tenant Improvements – DA/Assessors

  • Description: Job Order Contract - Interior Tenant Improvements; consisting of office spaces, conference room, break room and reception, ADA compliance; structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire systems; minor demolition.
  • Location: Bill Santucci Justice Center – Building B
  • Total Cost: $350,000
  • Contact: Lisa James

Colfax Library

  • Description: Design-Bid-Build - Renovation of a 3,496 square foot existing building, built in 1914. Work included minor site and building demolition; new ADA accessible path of travel, parking and site-work improvements; new restrooms, entry, interior paint, flooring and ceiling throughout; new exterior paint, doors, windows and reroof; installation of new fire sprinkler and alarm system; electrical and mechanical upgrades including structural upgrades.
  • Location: 10 W. Church Street, Colfax
  • Total Cost: $1,328,578
  • Contact: Lisa James

Community Development Resource Center

  • Description: Construction of a two-story office structure, approximately 97,400 s.f., including concrete, steel structure, metal roof, brick veneer, storefront glazing system, interior finishes, mechanical, electrical, fire sprinkler and communications systems for various Land Development Departments of Placer County.
  • Location: 3091 County Center Drive, Auburn
  • Total Cost: $29,179,804
  • Contact: Doug Hawk

DeWitt Demolition of Buildings 9, 10, 203A, 204-206

  • Description: Demolition, Removal and Disposal of Buildings 9, 10, 203A, 204A, 204B, 205A, 205B, 206A & 206B and the interconnecting corridors on two sites at the Placer County Government Center, Auburn.
  • Location: Placer County Government Center
  • Cost: $1,344,442
  • Contact: Doug Hawk

Dry Creek Community Park

  • Description: 26 Acre Park with Restroom/Concession building.
  • Phase I Park Improvements: The project consisted of the frontage utility infrastructure, including 1,264 linear feet of ten inch diameter sanitary sewer line, 1,215 linear feet of sixteen inch diameter Cal American domestic waterline and 746 linear feet of storm drain.
  • Phase I Costs: $1,491,718
  • Phase II Park Improvements: Consists of remaining on-site utilities, the park entrance and Walerga road improvements, the parking lot, landscape improvements, access trail, the 840 s.f. restroom / concession building, a tot lot, a baseball diamond and a soccer field, two tennis courts, and one Basketball Court.
  • Phase II Costs: $3,642,989
  • Phase III will include additional overflow parking, equestrian parking and horseshoe pits and reclaimed water system.
  • Location: 9245 Walegra Road, Roseville
  • Total Cost: $5,135,707
  • Contact: Tim Arndt

Dry Creek Fire Station

  • Description: Design-Bid-Build – 12’ addition of the existing apparatus bay, the addition of a 1,132 lineal foot water line from Vineyard Road, minor accessibility alterations, remodel of existing restrooms, new fire sprinkler and fire alarm system throughout, extension of a concrete apron; asphalt patching/overlay, and restriping of the existing parking area.
  • Location: 8350 Cook Riolo Road, Roseville
  • Total Cost: $882,715
  • Contact: Lisa James

Foresthill Netting

  • Description: Job Order Contract - The project consisted of installing an exterior commercial grade netting structure that meets current safety standards to help eliminate foul balls from leaving the baseball field
  • Location: Foresthill Park, 24601 Harris Street, Foresthill
  • Total Cost: $50,000
  • Contact: Lisa James

Grand Jury Relocation

  • Description: The Grand Jury relocated from an 1871 s.f. office space to a remodeled 3,833 s.f. office space in the Placer County Government Center. The Tenant Improvements include a separate Hearing Room with a new media system, waiting room, secured storage room, paint, new carpet, and new and surplus furnishings. The new space also offers several internal offices that can be used as conference and work rooms. The construction work was completed by Placer County’s Building Maintenance Division.
  • Location: Placer County Government Center
  • Total Cost: $150,000
  • Contact: Joel Swift / Shawna Howard

Hidden Falls Regional Park – Improvements Bridges

  • Description: This project was completed in the spring of 2013 and included the construction of two new bridges spanning Coon Creek and related trail culvert crossings. These bridges along with other trail improvements at the Hidden Falls Park provide enhanced recreational trail opportunities as well as access for emergency first responders to the park facility.
  • Location: Hidden Falls Regional Park, 7587 Mears Place, Auburn
  • Total Cost: $1,782,329
  • Contact: Bill Lardner

Kings Beach Library

  • Description: Job Order Contract/Design Bid Build - ADA Improvements (restroom, book drop, path-of-travel and parking), paint, drinking fountains, new circulation desk, reconfiguration of shelving, carpet, and exterior stucco repairs.
  • Location: Kings Beach – Secline Street
  • Total Cost: $109,000
  • Contact: Lisa James

Loomis Park North Restroom

  • Description: Construction of a new 400 sq ft four stall restroom facility consisting of, concrete foundation, CMU colored block, steel doors floor drains, plumbing, electrical, concrete flatwork. Composition roof matching the existing snack bar in color and style, an ADA compliant walk all the way around the restroom, ADA compliant concrete sidewalk along the parking lot to the tot lot, drinking fountain, truncated domes and steel bollards. Two 1500 gl septic tanks, all pump components, and electrical, all pipe from tanks across King rd, bridge and tie into existing system at the south park.
  • Location: 6909 King Road, Loomis
  • Total Cost: $283,000
  • Contact: Tim Arndt

Rocklin Library

  • Description: The New Rocklin Library, located on Granite Drive in Rocklin, utilizes all of 16,600 SF of a previously unoccupied office condominium project purchased by the City of Rocklin and leased to the County for Library use. The new library provides nearly double the previous library area, as well as providing improved patron and staff areas.
  • Location: 4890 Granite Drive, Rocklin
  • Total Cost: $3,966,278
  • Contact: Hope Bostic

South Placer Adult Correctional Facility

  • Description: The new South Placer Adult Correctional Facility (SPACF) is in the initial phase of a new adult correctional facility ultimately comprising approximately 319,380 square feet of space and housing approximately 980 inmates. The SPACF is located within the Bill Santucci Justice Center, which includes a courthouse, office space, and other related future projects and improvements. The Design-Build Project will be delivered in phases with the first phase of 200,000 square feet providing housing for approximately 390 inmates, while being master-planned for full build-out. The project includes administration, staff support, visiting, intake, booking, inmate housing, program space, medical/mental health housing, food services, laundry, transportation, and security control components within the Main Jail, as well as Minimum Security Inmate Housing, in an adjacent structure. A 10,080 square feet Arraignment Court, warm shell only, was added to the scope of the project on November 23, 2010.
  • Location: 11801 Go For Broke Road, Roseville
  • Total Cost: $105,500,000
  • Contact: Jerry Minta

Tahoe Customs House

  • Description: Selective demolition and tenant improvements to the first floor shell of an existing building to provide government office space for the Tahoe Community Development Resource Agency.
  • Location: 775 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe City
  • Total Cost: $1,332,786
  • Contact: Doug Hawk