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Bernhard Museum

Bernhard museum exterior

291 Auburn-Folsom Road, Auburn, CA

Open Tuesday through Sunday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm - Closed Holidays

Free Admission

Built in 1851 as the Traveler’s Rest Hotel, the Bernhard House has been welcoming visitors for over 150 years. Filled with artifacts and furnishings from a bygone era, the Bernhard House transports visitors to a simpler time. The Bernhard Museum also serves as home to the third grade Living History Program.

To Schedule a group tour, call 530-889-6500

Living History 

This program transports third grade students back to the 1890's for a day. Over the course of the day, students learn to:

  • Bake biscuits in a wood stove
  • Wash clothes using a washboard, dasher, and a ringer
  • Make crafts such as leavings dolls and button spinners
  • Make a replica fruit crate
  • Clean leather
  • Sew a marble bag

The whole experience lasts about four hours. Students leave with a much better understanding of what life was like over 100 years ago. The Living History Program is designed to meet specific third grade curriculum standards.

Teacher's Manual

Parent's Guide to Success

Parent Training Information

In addition to the onsite training sessions, we are now offering online video training.

Parent's Living History Guide to Success

Information on parent led activities, by station: Laundry, Baking, Woodworking, Leather, Crafts, Biscuit Recipe


For more information or to reserve a date for the Living History Program for your class or school, call 530-889-6506. The cost is $10 per student.