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Fire Planner Tasks and Fee List

Current Mitigation Fees for Placer County Fire

  • Mitigation Fees: One time fee that mitigates new developments impact on the existing fire protection system. These revenues are used solely for the purchase of new equipment and infrastructure. Fees are governed by the Board of Supervisors and are reviewed annually by the Board during a publically noticed scheduled meeting.

          Effective May 13th, 2013

  • Residential - $0.59 per Sq ft

  • Non-residential - $0.42 per Sq ft

  • Non-Commercial Agricultural buildings - $0.12 per Sq ft  

* For outside of Placer County Fire's jurisdiction, please contact your local fire department/fire protection district.  To determine which fire department/fire protection district you reside in, click here.

Current Fire Protection Review and Inspection Fees

* For outside of Placer County Fire, Alta Fire Protection District, Newcastle Fire Protection, or the City of Colfax Fire Department's Jurisdiction, please contact your local fire department/fire protection district. Find your fire department district.