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Housing Complaints

We respond to complaints pertaining to hazardous conditions present in residential rental properties, commercial properties and occasionally owner-occupied properties.

If you would like to file a complaint, please review the conditions below prior to filing as certain issues fall outside of our jurisdiction. Please have the address and parcel number (APN) of the location of the complaint (find the APN here).

First priority is given to those situations that involve immediate or imminent physical threats to public health and safety.

Specific hazards that may be addressed include:

  • Sewage backup into buildings
  • Severely dilapidated structures
  • Unsanitary conditions (vermin infestation, garbage accumulation)
  • Unsafe water supply
  • Inadequate structural maintenance

Conditions that would NOT be addressed include:

  • Bedbugs (see below for information)
  • Landlord/Tenant or Tenant/Tenant disputes of a civil nature (i.e.: non-payment of rent, breach of contract, etc.)
  • Noise complaints
  • Unsightly appearance (weathered paint, worn carpets, holes in screens, etc.)
  • Non-structural/sanitation complaints for Section 8 Housing

Mold Information

Bed Bugs Information