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County offices will be closed Monday in observance of Columbus Day. Read more →


County Members

  • Jim Holmes, Vice Chairman - Supervisor, District 3
    Term Expires May, 2015
  • Robert Weygandt, - Supervisor, District 2
    Term Expires May, 2015
  • Jack Duran, Alternate - Supervisor, District 1
    Term Expires May 2015

City/Town  Members

  • Dr. Bill Kirby, Councilmember, City of Auburn
    Term Expires May, 2018
  • Miguel Ucovich, Chairman, Councilmember, Town of Loomis
    Term Expires May, 2016
  • Stanley Nader, Alternate, Councilmember, City of Lincoln
    Term Expires May, 2016

Special District Members

  • Gray Allen, Board Member,  Placer County Water Agency
    Term Expires May, 2016
  • Ron Treabess, Board Member - Tahoe City Public Utility District
    Term Expires May, 2018
  • Brian Sheehan, Alternate, - Board Member - Squaw Valley Public Utility District, Term expires May, 2016         

Public Members

  • E. Howard Rudd
    Term Expires May, 2019
  • Jim Gray, Alternate
    Term Expires May, 2019


  • Kris Berry, Executive Officer
  • Linda Wilkie, Clerk to the Commission