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North Lake Tahoe

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5/13/2014 Public workshop held in Tahoe City on May 11, 2015 to review results of recent North Lake Tahoe parking study.

Placer County held a public workshop to discuss the results of a recently completed parking study of the Kings Beach and Tahoe City business districts.

The goal of the workshop was to provide an overview of existing parking capacity and use, the results of a review of the county’s current parking standards and requirements, and an examination of potential parking programs such as an in-lieu fee parking program.

An in-lieu program would allow developers to meet some or all of their parking requirements by paying fees, rather than providing parking on-site. Fee revenue would be used by the county for public parking.

In the study, LSC Transportation Consultants Inc. proposes recommendations for helping the county and area stakeholders formulate a comprehensive plan that best meets the parking and mobility needs of Kings Beach and Tahoe City.

Placer County sees the study as the first step towards developing a plan that:

  • Provides easier and more convenient access to parking;
  • Better supports shopping districts; and
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions caused by cars circling for parking spaces.

The study is a key part of a larger effort to develop strategies and implementation measures that address parking issues in Kings Beach and Tahoe City while fitting in with the public’s vision for their communities.

The parking study document may be reviewed by clicking this link: Parking Study Final Report

If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Schmidt, Senior Planner, at 530-745-3076 or by email.

4/1/2015 Economic Development Incentives Report for North Lake Tahoe Town Centers

Economic Planning Systems has finalized a report on Incentives for Economic Development in North Lake Tahoe Town Centers. The Board of Supervisors commissioned the report to analyze roadblocks to investment and make recommendations about policies, financing, and land use as incentives

A Business Plan will be developed to provide a roadmap to fulfill the report’s recommendations, including development of specific parameters for return on investment for the County.

Download Report View Presentation

County Executive Office - Tahoe

The Placer County Executive Office operates a satellite office in Lake Tahoe. This office is responsible for providing many services for Tahoe residents, visitors, and local businesses. The County Executive Office at Tahoe also provides assistance on a variety of projects and programs in the Tahoe area, including those led by other county departments, such as the Department of Public Works, Community Development Resources Agency, Facility Services, and the Successor Agency.

The Tahoe CEO office is managed by Jennifer Merchant, Deputy CEO-Tahoe.

Jennifer Merchant

The County Executive Office in Tahoe is tasked with developing and managing an annual contract with the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association for the provision of tourism-related services. The contract calls for implementation of annual marketing plans, visitor information services, and development of recommendations to the county on transit and other visitor-serving infrastructure projects. The contract is funded with a portion of the Transient Occupancy Tax collected in eastern Placer County.

In addition, the Tahoe office manages projects, programs and other issues with external agencies in the Tahoe area. This includes regular interface with local government elected officials and key staff, as well as those with state, federal and regional agencies, such as the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency(TRPA).

Services and Information