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How to Renew and Place Holds

You will need your library card number and PIN. ("What's my PIN?"-- please see "How to set up your PIN" below.) 

How to renew books, DVDs, or other library materials

  1. Follow this link My Account 
  2. Immediately begin typing your library card number (as one complete number, no spaces) into the field where your cursor is blinking. (This is the field to the right of "Library Card Number" in the middle of the page, not the login box at the top right of the screen).
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Click Display User Information
  5. Click one or more checkboxes to select the titles you want to renew.
  6. Click: Renew Selected Items
  7. Your renewals will be confirmed, or you will be told which items cannot be renewed.

Items that have already been renewed twice or have a hold on them are not eligible for renewal. Non-renewable items need to be returned to the Library as soon as possible. There is a $.25 charge per item per day.  Note: ILL items may not be renewed online. Instead, please contact us. 

How to place a hold (reserve) on books, DVDs, or other library materials

  1. Follow this link: Search the Catalog 
  2. Log in at the top right of the screen with your library card number (Enter it as one complete number, no spaces).
  3. Enter PIN.
  4. After finding the item you want to place a hold on, click "PLACE HOLD" to the left of the title of your choice.
  5. Select the branch where you'd like to pick up your hold.
  6. Select: the "PLACE HOLD" button. Your "hold" request will be confirmed.
  7. Select "OK." You will be notified when your hold is available.

You may not be able to place a hold if an item is still in processing. If your first selection is checked out, look for other editions of the same title that may be available sooner. You may be able to find the same item with a different binding, or copyright date. Library staff can place holds for you as well, either by telephone, or in the library.

How to set up your PIN

  1. Follow this link: User PIN Change
  2. Enter your library card number (as one complete number, no spaces) and your current PIN. (For cards obtained prior to October 1, 2008, your PIN is: changeme. For cards obtained after October 1, 2008, your PIN is the last four digits of the telephone number on your library card application.)
  3. Type your new PIN in the "enter new PIN" box. (Numbers, letters or a combination; 10 characters or less.)
  4. Retype your new PIN in the "Re-enter new PIN" box. Select "Change PIN."
  5. "PIN Changed" will display on your screen, confirming your PIN change.
  6. Select "OK"
  7. Log out of your library account and log back in to test your new PIN.

Having trouble? Please contact us during business hours.


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