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Employee Benefits

Open Enrollment 2015

Employee Benefits Information and Open Enrollment Guide

Mandatory Open Enrollment Forms

Benefit - Forms, Brochures, Guides, and Websites


Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Beneficiary Update

CalPERS Health Forms and Guides

CalPERS Health Plan Websites

CalPERS Long Term Health Care

Long Term Care
Select: Long Term Care

CalPERS Service Credit

Deferred Compensation Forms

CalPERS 401k and 457 Plan Comparison Sheet
MassMutual 457 and 401k Comparison Sheet

CalPERS Forms

CalPERS 401(k) Account Transfer - Contact Personnel
CalPERS 401(k) Contribution Change Form
CalPERS 401k New Enrollment with Beneficiary Form
CalPERS 457 Account Transfer - Contact Personnel
CalPERS 457 Contribution Change Form
CalPERS 457 New Enrollment form requires Beneficiary Form 

Beneficiary changes
CalPERS 401(k) Beneficiary Change Form
CalPERS 457 Beneficiary Change Form

CalPERS 401(k) Loan Application/Spousal Consent
CalPERS 401(k) Loan Justification Form – No Spousal Consent
CalPERS 401(k) Distribution - Contact Personnel
CalPERS 457 Emergency Withdrawal Request - Contact Personnel
CalPERS 457 In-Service Withdrawal Request - Contact Personnel
CalPERS Hardship Distribution Request - Contact Personnel

MassMutual Forms

MassMutual 401(k) Contribution Change Form
MassMutual 401k New Enrollment with Beneficiary Form
MassMutual 401(k) Installment Payment Change Request Form - Contact Personnel
MassMutual 401(k) Death Benefit Request - Contact Personnel
MassMutual 401(k) and 457 Spousal Consent Form
MassMutual 457 Contribution Change Form
MassMutual 457 New Enrollment with Beneficiary Form
MassMutual 457 Pre-Retirement Catch-Up Form - Contact Personnel
MassMutual Rollover Submission Form - Contact Personnel

Beneficiary changes
MassMutual 401(k) Beneficiary Form
MassMutual 457 Beneficiary Form
MassMutual 401k and 457 Spousal Consent Form

MassMutual 401(k) Loan - Contact Personnel
MassMutual Benefit payment request - Contact Personnel
MassMutual In Service Withdrawal Request - Contact Personnel
MassMutual Installment Payment Request - Contact Personnel
MassMutual Withdrawal Form - Contact Personnel

Deferred Compensation Websites

Dental Insurance

Employee Assistance Program

FSA (Flex Spending Accounts) - WageWorks Dependant Care Forms Medical Reimbursement and Tahoe Rural Health Subsidy

Supplemental Life Insurance