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Placer County, CA
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  • Jobs, Benefits, and Business

    Includes veterans' benefits, starting and running a business, unemployment, County job openings, and selling to the County.

  • Law and Justice

    Includes the courts, most wanted, law enforcement, child support enforcement, sealing record, victims' services, and jury duty.

  • Building, Property, and Home

    Includes planning, building codes and permits, owning and renting a property, and property tax assessments.

  • Health and Family Care

    Includes child and adult health service, food stamps, foster care, mental health, in-home nurse, substance abuse, and child support.

  • Birth, Death, and Marriage

    Includes bereavement, certificates and vital records, and divorce.

  • Environment and Agriculture

    Includes air quality and burn days, garbage and recycling, sewer, conservation, and green energy financing.

  • Animal Services

    Includes adopting a pet, animal control, and local vets and shelters.

  • County and Government

    Includes information on the buildings, county, codes, departments, projects, representation, and voting.

  • Community and Recreation

    Includes activities and events, parks, museums, libraries, and volunteerism.

  • Taxes and Financial Reports

    Property taxes, business taxes, transient occupancy taxes, fines, and financial reports.

  • Transportation and Travel

    Includes passports, bus schedules, and road maintenance.

  • Safety and Emergency

    Includes forest fires and floods, emergency preparation, and emergency response.

Adult-Drug Court/Track III FAQ

Is Drug Court and Track III the same program?

Yes, they are the same program.

Is Drug Court part of alternative sentencing.

Yes, Drug Court is an alternative sentencing program. Successful completion of the program is successful completion of your jail commitment.

I’m on Prop 36 or failed Prop 36 in the past can I do Drug Court?

Yes, Currently on Prop 36 or have failed Prop 36 does not rule you out of Drug Court.

Is Drug Court free?

No, but an assessment of ability to pay is completed to determine the cost of treatment.

 Do I have to live in Placer County?

Yes, and you must live in Placer County during the duration of the Drug Court program.

How long is the Drug Court Program?

It is a 9-18 month program depending on the individuals needs.

How many times do I go to outpatient treatment?

An assessment is completed by a treatment provider to determine the level of treatment?

How long is actual treatment?

6-9 months depending on individuals need.

How often to I drug test?

Three times a week for the duration of the program.

Can I have a proposition 215 (marijuana) Card?

No, using marijuana will violate program rules.

Can I have alcohol in my possession and drink alcohol on Drug Court?

No, because it has potential for abuse.

What are “self helps”?

Primarily they are AA and NA meeting in the community.

Can I work/go to school while on Drug Court?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t interfere with treatment. Many clients have done all three and been successful.