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Juvenile Services

The Juvenile Services Division serves the probation needs of those who have been accused of committing a crime when they were under the age of 18 years. These individuals, commonly referred to as minors, will either be residents of Placer County or the crime will have occurred in Placer County.  +more

Division officers prepare a written report for the courts with information on a minor's socio-economic background, school and community history, any prior probation history, and other relevant information. The report will include the Probation Officer's sentencing recommendation, including the terms of probation the officer feels will be most effective to rehabilitate the minor and to help make restitution to the victim(s). Once on probation, minors will be supervised by officers from this division to enforce the Juvenile Court's orders. Minors can be placed on probation in their own homes or removed and placed in foster homes, group homes, camps, or committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice. The Division receives 2500 referrals each year from law enforcement agencies on minors who are accused of committing crimes. This Division also operates a juvenile work project which allows juvenile offenders to work eight hours or more under the supervision of the Probation Department. Typical work tasks for project participants include helping to maintain the landscaping at the county's DeWitt Center, litter pickup, basic maintenance at parks, and other community service projects.

The Probation Department devotes a manager and nine staff to the Children's System of Care [CSOC]. CSOC is a coordinated effort involving the county Health and Human Services Department (Child Welfare Services), the Probation Department and the Placer County Office of Education. This effort provides an efficient way to bring services to youth and families in Placer County. Working closely with the Juvenile Court, CSOC staff with expertise in many areas work together to serve at risk youth, or those already involved in the Juvenile Justice/Child Welfare System.