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Probation Department

Probation is court-ordered sanction that allows a person to remain in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. Placer County Probation manages juveniles and adults.

If you are an adult, juvenile, or the parent or guardian of a juvenile and want to know:

  • How to seal a record
  • Who your officer is
  • The progress of your case
  • Information on alternative sentencing
  • How to reach the Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF)
  • How to apply for a job with Placer County Probation
  • How to contact probation administration

Call 530-889-7900 and choose a selection from the phone tree.

Know the Voting Rights for Californians with Criminal Convictions or Detained in Jail or Prison.

Juvenile Services 

  • Categories of Minors in Court System:
    • Dependency Minors are minors who have been abused, neglected, and/or abandoned pursuant to Section 300 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.
    • Status Offenders  are minors who have truancy issues and/or are beyond the parents control pursuant to Section 601 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. A status offense is where your child did something that is illegal only for children. 
    • Wards of the Court are minors who have committed a crime and are now placed on formal probation. The judge takes over primary responsibility for the welfare and accountability of the minor pursuant to Section 602 of the Welfare and Institutions Code.
  • My Child is Contacted by Law Enforcement
  • Early Intervention
  • Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF)
  • Court
  • Field and Supervision Services
  • Referrals
  • Juvenile Detention Facility JDF

    Adult Services

    Frequently Asked Questions



    Juvenile Brochure and Forms

      Adult Brochure and Forms