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King Fire Update: The King Fire is currently at 82,018 acres with 10% containment. The following intersections are closed to the public: Mosquito Ridge at Gorman Ranch, Foresthill Divide at Soda Springs, and Foresthill Divide at Deadwood. IRONMAN cancellation supported by Placer County Health Officials. Public Information line is currently staffed at 530-886-5310 to handle inquiries. More »

Modify CCW Permit

What is the process to modify any information on your CCW Permit?

A current permit holder would need to make modifications to an existing permit for the following reasons:


  • Recently moved and still live within Placer County. You have 10 days after you move to modify your CCW permit with your new address.
  • Recently moved and live outside Placer County.
  • Add, drop, or change a weapon. Proof of qualification must be submitted for any new weapon. All qualifications must be from an instructor from our approved list.
  • Legally changed your name. 


To modify your permit you will need to complete the DOJ Modification form Modification Form . Modifications are processed within the Placer County Sheriff’s Records Unit and may be done on a Walk-In basis each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. There will be a $5 charge for a CCW Permit modification, payment made payable to “Placer County Sheriff’s Office”. For further information regarding modifying a CCW Permit, you may contact 530-889-6939.