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Placer Commuter Express Pass & Ticket Order Form

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Placer Commuter Express Pass Order Form

  • Printer-Friendly Order Form (PDF)
  • Placer County Transit must receive your order and payment seven (7) business days before the end of the month to ensure delivery of merchandise before the first of the following month.
  • All passengers must pay the cash fare or show a valid electronic pass when boarding.
  • All purchases are non-refundable.

Electronic Passes

Item # Zone Item Description Fare
1 Colfax-Clipper Gap Monthly Pass $178.50
2 Auburn-Penryn-Loomis Monthly Pass $147.00
3 Rocklin-Roseville Monthly Pass $131.25
4 Colfax-Clipper Gap 20-Ride Electronic Pass $98.00
5 Auburn-Penryn-Loomis 20-Ride Electronic Pass $82.00
6 Rocklin-Roseville 20-Ride Electronic Pass $74.00
7 Auburn-Penryn-Loomis* 20-Ride "Step-Up" Book $16.50
8 Rocklin-Roseville* 20-Ride "Step-Up" Book $9.50

*20- Ride "Step-Up" coupon books are to be used in conjunction with a Placer Commuter Express
monthly pass when boarding the Capitol Corridor train in Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville or Sacramento.

Connect Card

____ I HAVE A CARD**     ____ I NEED A CARD

9 Colfax-Clipper Gap  Monthly Pass  $178.50
10  Auburn-Penryn-Loomis  $147.00
11 Rocklin-Roseville    $131.25

**If you already have a Connect Card, please indicate the 9 digit number, number is located on the back of the card.

Merchandise For The Month Of:______________________

Item #
(see above)
Quantity $ Amount Passenger Name

Total due: $______ $ Enclosed: ______ $ To be invoiced: ______ Receipt Requested: YES______ NO ______

Mail merchandise to:
Purchasing agency or individual:


Mailing Address: _____________________________


Telephone Number: ___________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Please Make Checks Payable To:

  • Placer County Transit
  • Mailing Address:11460 F Ave
    Auburn, CA 95603
    (530) 885-BUSS or (916) 784-6177
  • Physical Address:11432 F Ave.
    Auburn, CA 95603
    (behind Road Dept.)
  • Email:Placer County Transit
  • Office Hours: 6:30 AM - 6 PM Mon-Fri
    8 AM - 5 PM Sat, closed Sunday
  • Cash (exact change) or check payments only
  • PCE is a service of Placer County Transit