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Community Events

Community Events (also called Temporary Events) can vary from small events with few low-risk facilities and consumers, to large-scale events containing many potentially hazardous food preparation facilities with thousands of consumers. These events may include Temporary Food Facilities (TFF's) within the event in addition to separately permitted Food Trucks (Mobile Food Facilities).

The Temporary Event Coordinator Class and discount will NOT be offered this year.

There are two types of Temporary Events that require submittal to Environmental Health; For-Profit Events, and Non-Profit Events. Event coordinators must fill out and submit the applicable event packet no later than TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the event.  Coordinators are responsible for vendors receiving all relevant information contained in the packet.

For Profit Community Event Coordinator Packet -Packet contains key information such as:

  • Temporary Food Facility Descriptions
  • Application and Instructions for the Community Event Organizer
  • Blank Event Site Maps
  • Food Vendor Instructions
  • Food Booth Enclosure and Washing Information
  • Food Preparation Planner Information
  • Blank Vendor Booth Site Map
  • Food Vendor Self Inspection Sheet

Non-Profit Community Event Coordinator Packet -Charitable non-profit organizations that hold annual fundraisers have reduced requirements. Packet contains key information such as: 

  • Program description
  • Instructions for Non-Profit Organization Annual Fundraising Event
  • Application Information
  • Food Booth Enclosure and Washing Information.

If you have any questions please contact us. We can help determine which packet you'll need to fill out and the applicable fees, based upon the nature of your event.

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