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Building Demolition in DeWitt Government Center

December 07, 2010

Placer County Facility Services has begun the demolition of various buildings at the Placer County Government Center (DeWitt). The demolition will take place over the next several months. Since it is winter, these dates are subject to change due to weather conditions.

The first building slated for demolition was the old Veterans Services Building at 2995 First Street. The main building, garage outbuilding and parking lot were removed.

Next will be Buildings 15 through 18 on B Avenue which were previously occupied by Human Services and Public Guardian. The abatement should start next week and demolition will commence approximately the week of December 20th.

Buildings 102 through 106, previously occupied by Planning, Building, DPW, Environmental Health and Air Pollution Control will be next. These buildings have been vacant since 2006 when the departments moved into the CDRC. Abatement should start around December 22nd and demolition will occur between January 25th and February 21st.

Last will be Building 207, used as storage for Facility Services and Museums. It is scheduled to be abated and demolished between January 24th and February 7th.

Some parking lots adjacent to these buildings will be fenced off for the use of the contractor and safety of the public.

No streets should be affected by the demolition but please use caution as large trucks will be transporting debris and waste throughout Dewitt.

The sidewalks adjacent to these sites will be blocked off so please walk safely across the street while you are out and about.

Some utility services may be temporarily interrupted while we are cutting and capping lines, but we are working with the contractor to minimize any disruption to building occupants or the public.