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Presentation on Middle Fork American River Petroglyphs

October 15, 2010

Please join us on October 30th at 1:00 PM on the second floor of the Bernhard Museum Winery for our next Community Education Program: Petroglyphs of the Middle Fork of the American River. Tahoe National Forest Archaeologist Nolan Smith will treat you to a series of images of petroglyph's recorded by archaeologists working near the American River.


What are petroglyph's? They are the patterns of lines and images carved into stone. Unlike pictograph's, which are images drawn or painted onto a rock’s surface, petroglyph's are created by removing part of the rock itself.

Who created them? Why were they created? What do they mean? We don’t have all the answers to these questions, but Nolan will share his knowledge and insights about petroglyph's through an informative PowerPoint presentation.

This program is FREE! The Bernhard Museum Winery is located at 291 Auburn Folsom Road in Auburn. Please call 530-889-6500 for more information.


At left: A Paiute American Indian Creates a petroglyph.