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Contract Awarded for Sheridan Safe Routes to School Project

June 22, 2011

The Placer County Board of Supervisors today approved a contract to build the Sheridan Safe Routes to School Project that will build safer routes for children to take to Sheridan Elementary School. The successful bidder, Wopahoe Construction, Inc., of Lincoln, bid $207,732 to build the project, which has been a collaborative effort between the Sheridan Elementary School, the Sheridan Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) and the local community.

The Project will construct an asphalt multipurpose path on Camp Far West, 11th, 10th and H Streets, a vehicle speed feedback sign on H street, multipurpose paths adjacent to the school’s existing perimeter fences, which will enable children to walk in front of the parked cars, not behind them, a designated bus loading zone, new parking striping and a four-way stop at the intersection of Riosa Road and 10th Street. The elementary school campus, in addition to providing preschool and elementary education, also serves as a collection point for middle and high school students who ride buses to Lincoln. Currently, when walking or riding bicycles to school, children do not have a designated pedestrian and bike area and share paved streets with automobile traffic.

“By ensuring a safe means to walk to school, we are investing in our children and their future,” said Placer County Supervisor and current Chairman, Robert Weygandt, whose Second District includes Sheridan. “This school is a gathering point for Sheridan children of all ages and the use of the Safe Route to School grant funding to construct much needed sidewalks will help protect the students on their way to and from school.”

Currently, the only place school children can walk is in the streets which are bordered by ditches. Construction should begin in July and take about five weeks to complete.

The project is 100 percent reimbursable through the Federal Safe Routes to School Program and funding for construction of the project is included in the 2010-11 Fiscal Year budget. The estimated cost of the project is $255,550.