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Special Operations

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department, Special Operations Unit / Marijuana Eradication Team (M.E.T.) is responsible for marijuana suppression throughout Placer County. This objective is accomplished by stopping the supply of marijuana at it’s source, the cultivators. The M.E.T. team concentrates on detection of both outdoor marijuana cultivations and clandestine indoor marijuana manufacturing labs. All persons found responsible for cultivation or sales of marijuana are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The M.E.T. team works closely with neighboring counties and assists in enforcement of marijuana cultivation laws throughout the foothills and Sacramento valley regions. By cutting off the source, the supply of marijuana available for sales in Placer County is greatly reduced. Our proactive enforcement also helps make the public lands and forests safer for everyone, by reducing the chance that members of the public enjoying these lands will come into contact with marijuana cultivators who are frequently armed.

We encourage concerned citizens to call with any information regarding marijuana cultivators, both indoors and outdoors. Cash rewards are available for information leading to arrest and convictions, and your identity can be protected. Citizens are encouraged to call
CRIME STOPPERS at 1-800-923-8191 where cash rewards are offered for information anonymously provided about criminal activity.