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If you are a regular visitor to the website, then you can’t fail to have noticed that the Placer County website is looking rather different. A few years after Placer County first launched its website, the site has been completely redesigned and restructured. If you arrived at this page from your favorites, please update it.

Perhaps you are looking for a page which had been moved during the improvements to the county's Web site. Here are resources to help you find what you're seeking.

We'd also like to fix the problem you had. Please contact us and tell us what you hoped to find on the Web site, or tell us the address - the Universal Resource Locator, or URL - of the Web page where you found the bad link that brought you here. (It's easiest to use your back button and copy the address of the page with the bad link and paste it on the form). Thank you so much for taking the time to help us fix this problem.

You may also find the information or service you want on one of these pages:

  • Check the County Services page, which lists many common county services and functions alphabetically.

  • Click on the back button and check the Drop-Down menu, which lists the county departments and divisions alphabetically.

  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions page, which lists answers to questions often asked about the county.

  • Use the Search box, at the top of each county Web page. Type in the word or phrase describing the information or service you want. You'll get a list of every Web page on the county site which contains your word or phrase. Check the list for the page title that seems the best match.

  • Use the Sitemap.

    © 2006 County of Placer, California |Legal Notices
  • © 2006 County of Placer, California |Legal Notices