Program celebrates uniqueness of California Native Communities and Placer County Native Americans

Published on September 08, 2016

In celebration of the Native Communities of California and specifically the Native American people of Placer County, the Auburn Library is partnering with the Placer County Office of Education to host a free program touching on the uniqueness of the different groups or tribes. The free afternoon program on Saturday, Sept. 10, is for families to attend and learn storytelling, hands-on native crafts, acorn grinding and enjoy a presentation of local languages and revitalization projects. The event will run from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Auburn Library, 350 Nevada Street in Auburn.

The celebration includes a month-long exhibit on the bubble wall in the children’s area of the Auburn Library, showing an infographic map of U.S. tribes, a historic map of California tribal groups, a timetable of present-day Placer County Native communities, language samples of local language groups and a display of traditional Native crafts and baskets. The display will also include an intertribal quilt made by students from the Placer County Office of Education Indian Education program.

“Our Placer County Libraries teach us about our history and connect us to our heritage,” said Mary George, director of Placer County Library Services. “It’s so much more than books on shelves, although we have a lot of those, too. Bring your family and discover how connected you’ll feel to each other and your community, get a library card, check out a book or DVD, download a book, movie or music to your mobile device, enjoy, and come again.”