Economic Development Chair Hopes to Position Placer as "the Place" for Business

Published on May 25, 2016

Striving to create the best industry marketplace in Northern California, the Placer County Economic Development Board helps bring businesses to the area and assist local businesses throughout Placer County.
The board, which meets quarterly, is comprised of nine industry representatives from public and private education, agriculture, healthcare, tourism, non-profit organizations and manufacturing.
This year, the board appointed David Butler, Vice Mayor of Rocklin, as new chair of the PCEDB to fill a two-year term through December 2017.

Man in suit smiling for camera

Having grown up in the Sacramento region, Butler has lived in Rocklin for nearly 20 years and has been a member of the city council since 2012.
“The PCEDB has the opportunity to position Placer County and our cities with a distinct competitive edge - and tell our story - and I am hopeful my experience and perspective can help assist this effort,” said Butler.
Currently, the board is in the process of establishing a strategic framework to ensure that the county, cities and other strategic partners all have the same understanding when it comes to cultivating economic assets, providing essential services for businesses and creating a business-friendly environment.
In addition, the PCEDB has appointed two separate task forces. The first, is working to develop an analysis of the economic benefits of the Placer County Transportation Agency’s transportation measure, while the second will review the National Main Street Program’s playbook, a successful downtown revitalization strategy, and develop a regional strategy for implementation throughout Placer County.
“We want everyone associated with economic activity in Placer County to be able to say that Placer County is the place for business in Northern California, here’s why and this is what we are doing individually and collectively to be competitive,” said Butler.
Comprised of both public and private sector leaders focused on economic growth, the PCEDB is looking to expand from generally being an information sharing board to becoming a proactive, advocacy-oriented board.

“There are some ‘big rocks’ out there - initiatives that can have an enormous impact on Placer County’s economic future,” said Butler. “We have an opportunity to advance transportation infrastructure, university proposals and more.”