Ensuring safety for the Placer County Government Center and North Auburn

Published on November 30, 2016

These last few months, Placer County has been working hard to improve public safety in North Auburn - especially at the Placer County Government Center campus.

The Sheriff’s Office has dedicated four deputies to patrolling the area, our Probation Department has increased officer engagement there with known offenders and our Health and Human Services Department has hired an additional staff member to add to its existing team working to connect those staying at the shelter with the programs and services they need to get back on their feet. Our Department of Public Works and Facilities continues to evaluate and make adjustments to lighting and landscaping throughout the campus to ensure our deputies can easily spot and act on any unsafe or illegal activity, and to make sure that staff and visitors to the government center have a clear line of sight between the parking lots and the buildings.

Placer County Sheriff's deputies are patrolling the area around the clock, focusing on peak employee arrival and departure times and closely monitoring building exits and parking areas. They’re also making frequent contacts with shelter residents and those loitering on the campus, making their presence known and assisting them with accessing Placer services. Patrolling nearby businesses and neighborhoods, the deputies are helping ensure safety for area shoppers and residents, too.

Deputies are already seeing results from their efforts, but the improvements may not be as noticeable yet to others. To help shed some light on the efforts to improve safety in North Auburn, we’ll be sharing several stories here over the next few weeks.

Landscaping Safety Improvements:

Meet Deputy Mike Beggs:

For emergencies, call 911

Sheriff dispatch non-emergency line: 530-886-5375