mPOWER Provides Incentives for Installing Water Conservation Measures

Published on May 09, 2015

On Tuesday, the Placer County Board of Supervisors approved a waiver of the processing fee for all mPOWER applications received between May 1 and October 31, 2015 that include the installation of $1,500 or more in water conservation measures. This processing fee waiver will save residential applicants $500 and $1,300 for non-residential applicants. 

"Given the on-going drought conditions, we hope that property owners will take advantage of the fee waiver to generate greater water conservation" stated Placer County Board Chair Kirk Uhler. The types of water conservation measures that can be financed include low-flow toilets, high efficiency nozzles and faucets, drip irrigations systems, improved hot water delivery, and lawn replacement with artificial turf. 

mPOWER provides financing to both residential and non-residential property owners for the installation of energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable generation (typically solar) improvements. The improvements can be financed for up to 20 years and are repaid by adding the annual amount due to the property tax bill. 

Applications can also include improvements such as tankless water heaters and weather-based smart-controllers for irrigations systems. By far the most common mPOWER installations are solar power systems. mPOWER has provided financing for 655 solar systems on homes and businesses in Roseville, Folsom, Lincoln, Auburn, Rocklin, rural Placer County and the Tahoe area. In addition, multiple improvements can be financed on a single application. Many property owners install a new heating and air conditioning system together with higher insulation value windows and doors. Businesses have also taken advantage of the financing offered by mPOWER to install LED lighting, replace boilers and HVAC systems, and to install cool roofs. mPOWER Program Administrator Jenine Windeshausen said "we hope that plumbing contractors and suppliers in particular will think about mPOWER when their clients need financing for water conservation measures". 

Since August of 2014, mPOWER has provided over $27 million in financing to more than 800 property owners making it the most successful public energy efficiency and water conservation financing program in the Sacramento region. The mPOWER Program objectives are too create jobs, increase energy independence, promote water conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Officials estimate that mPOWER has created over 522 jobs. "Home owners are telling us they have decreased their utility costs and businesses owners have told us they are increasing their profit margins by installing energy efficiency, water conservation improvements and solar systems" stated Windeshausen. 

mPOWER is currently available throughout Placer County and the City of Folsom and it is in the process of expanding to other municipalities throughout the region. Individuals, businesses and municipalities can contact mPOWER at mPower Placer or by calling toll free 877-396-7693.