Former Placer County animal shelter to be future home of Gold Country Wildlife Rescue

Published on January 24, 2017

Orphaned and injured Placer County wildlife will soon occupy the county’s former animal shelter in Auburn under a lease agreement between Gold Country Wildlife Rescue and the county approved by the board of supervisors today.

The former shelter, located at 11251 B Avenue in the Placer County Government Center in North Auburn, will provide GCWR much-needed space to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife.

Placer County’s new Animal Services Center in Auburn opened its doors in October 2016, leaving its previous shelter building vacant.

“Gold Country provides a tremendous service in Placer County and we’re so pleased that our facility will help advance their mission,” said Wesley Nicks, Placer County director of environmental health and animal services. “Leasing our old facility to GCWR is a win for them, and for the taxpayer and for our wildlife."

The new site will also offer GCWR outdoor space to help acclimate animals to outdoor life as part of their rehabilitation.

Additionally, the former shelter building will provide more volunteer and educational opportunities and allow GCWR to grow food for indigenous species.

GCWR has served the Placer County community for over 20 years, at no charge. Annually, the non-profit organization fields more than 7,000 phone calls and handles nearly 3,500 animals (primarily birds) some of which would otherwise be directed to Placer County Animal Services or other agencies.

The lease agreement will generate $60,000 in rent over the initial five-year lease term. The rent will cover the county’s cost to provide sewer, water and maintenance - estimated at $18,960 - resulting in an estimated $41,040 in net revenue to the county.

“Not only will this site allow us to continue providing a free service to Placer County, seven days a week, 365 days a year, but we’ll be able to provide a better level of care to vulnerable animals,” said Gold Country Wildlife Rescue Chairman of the Board and original co-founder Sallysue Stein. “I am excited that the old animal shelter will continue the tradition of giving animals a second chance at life."