Health and Human Services' Administrative Services team hosts second annual People's Choice awards

Published on December 19, 2016

Health and Human Services Staff

Health and Human Services' Administrative Services team hosted its second annual People’s Choice awards ceremony during an all staff meeting in early December. At the purple- and silver-clad ceremony, 10 hand-crafted wooden awards were distributed to employees nominated by their peers. These positive and lighthearted awards spanned acknowledgment of hard work, determination, recognition for new employees who are making a big impact and appreciation for positive and cheerful dispositions. The ceremony included an award reception where winners and coworkers networked while enjoying cookies and cider. The 10 awards and recipients are as follows:

Energizer Bunny Award - For the person who keeps going and going and going and going…

  • Vicki Grenier - She is always running. She's always going a mile a minute and seems to have an endless supply of energy.

Rock Solid Award - For an employee who consistently does their job well.

  • Decca Melott- Always here, always working, getting it done. You can always count on Decca!

Behind the Scenes Award - To recognize an employee whose actions are not usually in the lime light.

  • Sheri Jeffrey - She has worked behind the scenes to straighten out several "accounting nightmares" and she does exceptional work.

Duct Tape Award - For the person who is able to fix just about anything.

  • Tami Burns - It doesn't matter what is broken, if you tell her, she will always find a way to fix it. She's like the glue that keeps everything together here. She has duct tape in her blood.

Eye of the Storm Award - For always being resilient when things are hectic.

  • Alexis Madera- She made the year-end closing process less stressful. No matter how stressful the situation, she always has the most pleasant attitude and a smile on her face.

Rockstar Rookie Award - For a newer employee who rocks.

  • Brett James – He’s only been here a few months but is a great resource regarding public health. He is always going above and beyond. He is able to dive in and accomplish whatever is put before him. One example of this is with very little training he recreated a claim process so that it was easier and faster to complete.

All for One, One for All Award - For an employee who is always leading or cheering us on.

  • Kimiyo Yamanishi - She is always positive and encouraging.

Snickers Award - Yes, like the candy bar but for someone who is always in good spirits and shares joy and laughter with the rest of us.

  • Erica Collins - Laughter and good attitude is her motto. Everyone knows when she is near. She lives in a state of euphoria!

Outstanding Innovator Award - For the person who creatively resolves problems!

  • Melissa Leighton – She automated the Drug Medi-Cal data entry process which reduced her workload from two weeks to two days and eliminated data entry errors. Talk about innovation!

Clutter Buster Award - For the person who has very little clutter; meaning they are organized in many aspects (their desk, their work, etc.).

  • Stan Hapak - His office is very organized. Are we sure he's really working, when everything is so neat?