Clerk-Recorder-Registrar Begins Solicitation for Additional Warehouse Space

Published on March 16, 2015

With aging and deteriorating storage and a need for increased space, the Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar has begun a solicitation to find suitable warehouse space to store the many documents and equipment maintained by his office. The warehouse facility that’s chosen will provide adequate space for secure and climate-controlled storage of records and election equipment, in addition to office and training space. 

The Clerk-Recorder’s duties affect most of the county’s residents. If you’re born, die, are married in the county or sell or buy real property here, there’s a record of those events that are maintained by the clerk-recorder. Any other documents that affect real property title such as deeds of trust, liens, and reconveyances are also maintained by this office. In addition to storing voluminous amounts of vital records, the clerk-recorder also stores and retains election documents and equipment.

Many of these documents are currently stored in buildings in the DeWitt Government Center. However, these 70-year-old, World War II-era, buildings are old and deteriorating. While they may be adequate for conventional office use, they are of concern for use in the secure and safe storage of a large amount of both historic and current public records and sensitive voting equipment. 

“The current storage facilities for the Clerk-Recorder-Elections office have served our purpose well over the years.  However, it is time for us to retire them,” said Clerk-Recorder-Registrar Jim McCauley. “They are from the WWII era, and lack the modern amenities that our office needs to meet the changing requirements for storing our historical documents and our elections equipment.”

With the requisite approval of the board of supervisors earlier this month, McCauley has begun the initial process to find a new building. Bid packets are available online and bids must be submitted on or before April 9. Completed bids must be returned to the Placer County Clerk-Recorder-Elections Office, 2954 Richardson Dr., Auburn, CA 95603. 

Building owners within a 10-mile radius of the clerk-recorder’s Auburn office are encouraged to review the requirements and submit bids. Suitable buildings can be existing structures, new buildings, or buildings about to be built. To download the bid package and see more specific information about the building requirements, click on either of these links: Solicitation (PDF), or Elections Office. Bid packets can also be picked up in the lobby of the Clerk-Recorder-Registrar’s office, 2954 Richardson Dr., Auburn. Packets are located on the Elections counter and are clearly labeled “Bid Packets.” 

To learn about the many services that are offered by the clerk-recorder-registrar, visit the office website.

"After a preliminary assessment of other properties and our storage needs, my office is moving forward in soliciting bid proposals,” said McCauley. “The acquisition of a new building would allow us to better serve the public and meet our changing needs.”   

All questions should be directed to Ryan Ronco or Lisa Cramer at 530-886-5690.