Lost in the wilderness: The harrowing story of missing hiker Cody Michael

Published on December 07, 2016

Cody Michael with his Dog

(Photo courtesy of Cody Michael)

It was supposed to be just a quick overnight hike for Cody Michael and his dog, Bauer. But, losing his trail in the snow, Cody found himself lost in one of the most rugged areas of Placer County for four days and, he thought, possibly forever. Cody, his father, Howard, and Sgt. Ty Conners of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office share the most detailed account yet of Cody’s harrowing story, the tremendous lengths undertaken to find him and advice for how to stay safe if you are ever lost in the wilderness.

Watch Cody's video message to his family the day he went missing:

Watch video from the Placer County Sheriff's Office of the rescue effort:

Check out photos of the rescue effort:

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