Experience Placer’s new Bookmobile at Wednesday’s Meadow Vista MAC meeting

December 05, 2016

Placer County’s new Bookmobile will be open to book lovers, knowledge seekers and the curious at the Meadow Vista Municipal Advisory Council meeting Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 6 p.m.

Mary George, director of Placer County Library Services, is scheduled to present an overview of the new Bookmobile and library services in Meadow Vista to MAC members followed by a tour for the members and attendees.

The evening event will give those familiar with the recently-retired Bookmobile an opportunity to experience the new Bookmobile’s high-tech updates and amenities.

The Bookmobile branch manager will also be on hand to deliver excellent service; offering library card sign-up, demonstrating how to download e-books, showcasing all the new features and answering the public’s questions.

The Bookmobile program was established in 1970 to provide library services to rural areas of the county and residents who could not easily reach brick and mortar libraries, such as those living in convalescent homes. Since then, the Bookmobile program has traveled over 300,000 miles, loaning books, magazines, paperbacks and books on CD, and filling requests for specific titles for library users of all ages.

The new Bookmobile, which hit the road last October, is a Wi-Fi hotspot, offering the community access to the internet with on-board mobile devices patrons can use. It is also powered by a clean diesel engine, helping reduce its carbon footprint.

The Bookmobile has a new regular weekly stop in Meadow Vista, located in front of the Community Center at 1109 Meadow Vista Road.

The Meadow Vista MAC meeting will be held on Dec. 7, at 6 p.m., at Placer Hills School cafeteria, 16801 Placer Hills Road, in Meadow Vista.