Placer County is one of the fastest-growing counties in California. We routinely rank as one of the healthiest and best Counties for quality of life. Our variety of places to live, top-rate schools, outdoor wonderland, amazing weather, plentiful arts and history, and outstanding offerings for dining, shopping, and entertainment, all help to explain our attraction of people and business. 

The Office of Economic Development enhances and maintains Placer County's exceptional quality of life by leveraging resources that encourage an economy that is vibrant and diverse. 

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Placer Quick Facts

  1. SpeedboatBeachArea-Kayak-GoPro-002

    Quality of life   Consistently Top 3 in CA

  1. Aerial Night-012

    Population / Growth   407,031 / Top 5 in CA

  1. Sun City Lincoln Housing-003

    Median Home Value   $564,433

  1. Graduation

    Highly Educated   52.6% Associates Degree or Higher

  1. Victoria Roadster-1

    Median Household Income $95,371