Business license applications are available at the Tax Collector’s Office.  The Tax Collector will accept applications and payments at our customer service counter.  If necessary, the application will be routed to other County Departments for review. 

Once the application has final approval, the Tax Collector will notify the business owner. 

If you are submitting your application via the mail, please make checks payable to Placer County Tax Collector. 

If applying for a home-based or a commercial business license, you will be required to fill out the appropriate questionnaire.  See below for links to the questionnaires.

If you have questions please call 530-889-4120 or email [email protected] 

-NEW-  You can also apply online at our Business License web portal. 


Any person who receives a salary from an employer and has taxes taken from that salary is exempt as are agricultural operations for stock or poultry farms.


All license applications must obtain approval from the Planning, Building, Environmental Health and Facilities Departments of the County. Home business must comply with all restrictions, regulations and zoning ordinances required by the Tax Collector, Planning Department and other County departments. Certain special businesses will be reviewed by the Fire Department and Sheriff's Department.

Nonrefundable Fee

The fee is not refundable and must be paid at the time of application submittal. Prior discussion regarding a new business with the appropriate departments is recommended. Depending on the type of business proposed, it may be advisable to contact the Planning Department, Building Department, Engineering and Surveying and/or Department of Environmental Health.

Veterans & Non-Profits

There is a $4 state mandated fee collected for veterans or non-profit organizations. We do, however, require submission of a DD Form 214, showing your character of service as Honorable, for veterans and tax exempt forms from the Secretary of State for non-profit organizations. Please submit these forms with your license application and questionnaire.