Home Occupation

Home occupations are permitted only in the main residence and allow only the residents of the home and one employee, to work on the premises. In addition, other restrictions apply to home occupation types of businesses (Section 1774 of the Placer County Zoning Ordinance). Contact the Planning Department for additional information.

Commercial Businesses

Commercial businesses must comply with zoning laws which include a variety of regulations which may:

  • Limit the size and number of signs
  • Restrict outdoor storage or display of materials
  • Require a minimum number of parking spaces
  • Require special permit requirements, etc

Visible Changes

Design Review Committee approval must be obtained for any visible change to properties in many commercial and industrial areas. This includes the required review and approval of signs, landscaping, color changes etc. Contact the Planning Department for additional information regarding the Design Review process.

Structural Changes

The Building Department must approve any structural changes, and building codes must be met for various sizes and types of operations.

Roadside vending is not permitted in the unincorporated area.