Wildfire Prevention

Burning StumpInsurance Rates

Fire risk increasing your insurance premiums? After several years of drought and extreme wildfires, we’re aware that Placer County residents in some forested areas are reporting steep increases in their homeowner’s insurance premiums, or even cancellations. While at the county level we don’t have any jurisdiction or control over insurance rates, we continue to focus on reducing fire hazards and are coordinating closely with the state and other heavily-forested counties to make sure insurance regulation treats our residents fairly.

We can all help by doing everything possible to be fire smart. Homeowners who are facing especially unreasonable rate adjustments are encouraged to file a complaint online with the California Department of Insurance or by calling 800-927-4357.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Placer County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (PDF) is an effort to reduce the threat of wildfire-related damages to people, property, ecological elements, and other important values identified by residents. This document incorporates new and existing wildfire information valuable to citizens, policy makers and public agencies throughout western Placer County.

Participants include:

  • California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
  • County Fire Safe Councils: Foresthill/Iowa Hill, Greater Auburn Area, Greater Lincoln, Placer Sierra
  • Landowners
  • Local Fire Departments and Protection Districts
  • Placer County Fire Safe Alliance
  • Placer County Resource Conservation District
  • U.S. Forest Service

For more on reducing fire hazards in your area, please also visit the Ready for Wildfire website.

Additional Information

For information on evacuation preparedness and tips for people and animals, please also visit:

Para obtener información sobre la preparación para la evacuación, y consejos para personas y animales, visite también: