Change of Address

A change of address can be either e-filed by clicking e-file Change of Address or the change of address form (PDF) can be downloaded or printed, signed, and returned to the Assessor Department. They verify that the requester is either an owner or authorized agent, before a mailing address is changed. Faxes are acceptable from owners and their agents, however agents must have an agent authorization on file with an original signature of an owner before the change of address will be accepted. 

Send to the Assessor Department:
2980 Richardson Drive
2nd Floor
Auburn, CA 95603-2640
Fax: 530-889-4305

Telephone requests for changes of mailing address are not accepted. Assessments are made to the owner of record as of lien date. Changes to the assessee name requires the recordation of the appropriate document with the Placer County Clerk Recorder.


Claims for exemptions are processed by the Assessor Department. The exemption may not apply to certain special taxes or assessments. If you no longer qualify for an exemption you previously claimed, you must notify the Assessor Department or you will be liable for a penalty fee. You may contact the Assessor Department at 530-889-4300.