Pay or View Taxes

To make a payment please read the information below and click the "Tax Payments" button at the bottom of the page


Navigate between the below payment types to view details and fees for each type of payment. 

  1. Electronic Payments
  2. Mailed Payments
  3. In Person Payments


To pay your taxes online, you must have your 12-digit Assessment Number or 12-digit Fee Parcel Number. Enter the information into the appropriate box and click on the “SUBMIT” button. If you are searching by Assessment Number, only that assessment will appear. If you wish to view all tax bills associated with a parcel (i.e. supplemental and unsecured), searching by Fee Parcel will show all tax bills associated with this parcel. When the assessment you are inquiring about appears on the next screen, click on it and the tax information will be displayed.  

Prior to proceeding, please be aware the 3rd party online payment vendor charges additional fees, shown below:

Payment Type

Payment Amount

Processing Fee


$1.00 - $100.00





$1.00 - $100







Payments may take up to 90 minutes to show as PAID online.  You will receive a confirmation number as a “receipt” of your payment.

If an error message is received when making a debit card payment that states the debit card is invalid, and the payment process is continued, the debit card will be processed as a credit card and the credit card fees will apply as shown above. This generally occurs when using a debit card that requires a pin number.  

You will be informed of all charges and fees before you authorize the payment.  This fee charged by the 3rd party online payment vendor will show as a separate convenience fee on your statement.

The e-check payment system does not have access to the checking or savings account used to make a payment. Therefore, it cannot verify the accuracy of the routing or checking account information that is being entered.  It also cannot validate the sufficiency of funds for the transaction.  

The confirmation number received at the end of the transaction only acknowledges successful receipt of the information entered. If the e-check is returned due to incorrect account information being entered, a returned check fee of $65.00 and any applicable statutory delinquency fees will be added to the parcel(s) affected.  

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