Tax Bill Search

Use the Resource

To use the search feature, you must have your 12 digit Assessment Number or 12 digit Fee Parcel number. Enter the information into the appropriate box and click the "Submit" button. 

If you are searching by Assessment Number, only that assessment will appear. If you wish to view all tax bills associated with the parcel (i.e. supplemental and unsecured), searching by Fee Parcel will bring up all tax bills associated with the parcel. When the assessment you are inquiring about appears on the next screen, click on it and the tax information will be displayed.


Use our online property database to search for your parcel information.

*Google Chrome is the preferred browser for making payments through the online service.

Prior Year Information

Prior year's information is available by clicking on the dropdown menu above the fee parcel information entry box. Tax bills can be viewed/printed for the current year, and this option is available as an additional button on the top of the current year information page.

Any changes or corrections made after June 30th to prior year tax bills will not appear on the prior year screen. Prior year screens reflect activity up to June 30th only. Please contact the Tax Collectors Office at 530-889-4120 for additional information.


EFT and Credit/Debit payments will not show paid on the website for up to 90 minutes. The delay is due to the actual processing time of funds from the respective bank or credit card company to our bank. Upon receipt of funds payments are posted reflecting the date you actually paid.

Legal Limitations

California Government Code Section 6254.21 prohibits the display of home addresses or telephone numbers of any elected or appointed official on the Internet by any state or local agency without first obtaining the written permission of that individual.

Direct Charges

View the list of direct charges from the Auditor's office.