Dispute Resolution

Placer Dispute Resolution Service (PDRS) is a non-profit organization committed to assisting people in resolving their disputes through mediation. We have provided mediation services to the citizens of Placer County since 1992.

The goal of mediation is to develop a settlement agreement that is practical, realistic and workable. A mediated agreement is best when it meets the needs of all the parties and endures over time. Even if a mediation agreement is not reached, participants may find a benefit in opening lines of communication.


In addition to providing mediation services for a wide range of disputes, PDRS offers training programs in collaborative negotiation and mediation.

Mediators are:

  • Trained in mediation, conflict resolution an collaborative negotiation techniques
  • Impartial
  • Do not take sides or push for any one solution


Major funding for PDRS is provided by Placer County through a surcharge on Superior Court civil filing fees.