Lodging and Logistics


FilmMapWestern Placer County

  • Placer Valley Tourism
  • With one call the Placer Valley Tourism will send out an email to the hotels in their region with all your pertinent information and needs. Individual lodging companies will respond to you directly with their bid.

Central Placer County 

Eastern Placer County-Lake Tahoe Area 

  • North Lake Tahoe Resort Association
  • The Conference Sales Department at the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association will email your room needs to all properties who then respond to your production office directly with bids.


  1. Air Transportation
  2. Surface Transportation
  3. Sunrise and Sunset Charts
  4. Seasons
  5. Lake Tahoe

Major Airports

Placer County is easily accessed by two major airports. The Sacramento International Airport to the west is a quick 40-minute drive to Auburn, the county seat nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills; and the Reno -Tahoe International Airport to the east, with hundreds of daily commercial flights, is just a 55-minute drive to Tahoe's North Shore.

Small Airports

In addition, private planes, helicopters, and small jets utilize three smaller airports in Placer County:

  • Auburn: In the Sierra foothills
  • Lincoln: In the western country area
  • Truckee: Tahoe Airport 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe