Placer County Department of Public Works, Tahoe Engineering Division has submitted a Planning Grant Proposal (P - Planning: Rubicon Trail Hydrological Assessment - G14-03-48-P01) for a 2015 OHV grant. During the preliminary review stage, public opinions and input can be given on the proposal through the OHV website. You can view 2015 Grant Proposal. Then navigate to “Review Preliminary Application” on the left menu tabs and follow the directions.

About the Trail

The historic Rubicon Trail is primarily recognized today as a world-renowned 4-wheel drive route. It is not owned or operated by Placer County, but the Department of Public Works recognizes the public easement and public rights to pass on the trail.

Rubicon trail location on Google map (PDF) Opens in new window

Trail Information

  • Trail Map (PDF)
  • Safety     
    • Buckle up - state laws apply 
    • Help a wheeler in need 
    • Carry or locate a HAM radio 
    • HAM Radio in the Rubicon 
    • Don't shoot in camps or along trails 
    • Yield to bikers, hikers and equine 
    • Drink responsibly 
    • Use a spotter 
  • Sedimentation     
    • Stay on designated routes 
    • Look for trail markers 
    • Never drive through meadows 
    • Straddle ruts, gullies and washouts 
    • Cross streams at designated points 
    • Minimize wheel spin 
    • Never drive over vegetation 
    • Be patient at delays 
  • Spills     
    • Perform pre-trip maintenance 
    • Check your vehicle often for leaks 
    • Carry and use a spill clean-up kit  
    • Use a spotter 
    • Stop every leak 
    • Use hazardous waste sheds 
    • If it leaks, leave it at home 
  • Sanitation