Miners Ravine Detention

Miners Ravine Detention CenterAbout the Miners Ravine Off-Channel Detention Basin Facility

  • Regional multi-objective flood control project including off-channel detention basin, stream and floodplain restoration, recreational trail and trailhead parking on Miners Ravine immediately downstream of Sierra College Boulevard crossing
  • Provides substantial mitigation for increases in urban runoff and peak flood flow increases due to new and existing development in the watershed
  • Includes stream channel, floodplain and habitat restoration components
  • Includes removal of non-native plants and re-planting with natives
  • Includes improved public parking, access and educational opportunities for the public along newly constructed multi-use recreational trail and trailhead parking lot
  • Funded through a grant from the State Department of Water Resources, Proposition 13 Flood Corridor Protection Program and watershed mitigation fees collected within the Dry Creek Trust Fund


Map Showing the Miners Ravine Project Location Opens in new windowThe project site is located along Miners Ravine on the west and east sides of Sierra College Boulevard in the City of Roseville and Placer County. The western portion of the site is within the Roseville City limits; the eastern portion is on unincorporated Placer County lands. The project site is located in Section 32, Township 11 north, Range 7 east on the Rocklin 7.5-minute quadrangle.

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Contact Brad Brewer for more information.

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