A primary District function is to investigate and resolve complaints concerning air pollution that adversely impacts you and your community, including, but not limited to, air pollution that involves the release of:

  • Chemicals
  • Dust
  • Engine Exhaust
  • Excessive Odor
  • Smoke

If you have a health emergency requiring medical treatment, call 911. The District is an enforcement agency for air pollution regulations and is not a first response agency for emergencies.

Submitting Complaints

Complaints may be made online or by calling 530-745-2330. All complaints received will be investigated.

Regular Business Hours

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A District representative can take your complaint over the phone

Non-Business Hours

Monday through Friday
5 p.m to Midnight

Weekends and Holidays
8 a.m. to Midnight

Your call will be transferred automatically to the Placer County Sheriff's Dispatch, who will forward your information to a District after-hours inspector. (Press 4 to be transferred to Dispatch.) From midnight to 8 a.m., your call will be transferred automatically to the Placer County Sheriff's Dispatch. District staff will respond after 8 a.m.

Vehicle Exhaust

To report smoking vehicle exhausts or excessive bus or vehicle idling please call the California Air Resources Board's Vehicle Complaint Hotline, 800-363-7664 or 800-END-SMOG.

Code Violations

To report possible violations of Placer County codes and ordinances, including complaints of odors from Cannabis (marijuana) cultivation, please go to the Code Compliance page.