Learning & Development

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Human Resources invests resources to ensure County employees are well-trained. This empowers employees to provide excellent service to County residents and to all who do business with the County. We are responsible for employee learning and career development, employee engagement, communication of organizational purpose and resources to employees. We are also responsible for employee outreach, new employee orientation, and the employee portal.

Human Resources develops courses for best business practices, supervision, management development, and health/safety employee engagement. Human Resources delivers a catalog of courses to meet federal and state-mandates in health and safety. The catalog also includes classes pertaining to standard business practices, personnel supervision, management development and County safety procedures.

Tuition Reimbursement

All permanent employees who have completed their initial probation period are eligible for Tuition Reimbursement. The County has established relationships with the Greater Sacramento Higher Education Coalition. Many of the Universities offer reduced tuition to County employees. They also provide advisors and a support team from enrollment through graduation.

Employee Engagement

The world of work is evolving and changing, and organizations must adapt. To face this changing world, Placer County made employee engagement a priority. What is Employee Engagement? It is the degree to which employees are emotionally connected and committed to their organization and their role in it. Engaged employees exert discretionary effort for the betterment of the organization.

There are many benefits (PNG) to a highly engaged workforce. Three that stand out are, performance (PNG), retention (PNG), and creativity (PNG). Engaged employees are 30% more likely to agree they regularly accomplish more than what’s expected of them. They are 73% more likely to agree they are committed to the organization. They are also 38% more likely to agree they are not afraid to try new things in their job. Increased performance, retention, and creativity directly impacts the bottom line and service to our customers or constituents.

Excellent and innovative service delivery relies upon employees that are highly motivated and connected with our residents and communities. Placer County is committed to engaging and empowering our employees.

Communication of Purpose

Each new employee learns about the County’s organizational structure, goals, initiatives, and policies through New Employee Orientation. They also learn about the many resources available to employees. Human Resources facilitates New Employee Orientation monthly. We work with a variety of subject matter experts and presenters to inform, engage and inspire new employees.