Federal & State Laws

American with Disabilities Act & the California Fair Employment Housing Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the California Fair Employment Housing Act (FEHA) laws prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities who can perform the essential functions of a job, with or without reasonable accommodation. The purpose of reasonable accommodation is to provide an equal employment opportunity for individuals with disabilities.

If you have a mental or physical disability that affects your ability to perform the essential duties of your job, Placer County may be able to provide you with a reasonable accommodation to assist you in performing the essential functions of your job. In order to further evaluate what assistance might be appropriate and reasonable, the employer is entitled to require documentation about the existence of the disability and the functional limitations from an appropriate health care professional.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Placer County is an Equal Opportunity Employer (PDF) and is committed to an active nondiscrimination program. It is stated in the policy of Placer County that harassment is prohibited and that all employees and applicants shall receive equal consideration and treatment.

All recruitment, hiring placement, transfer and promotion will be based on the qualifications of the individual for the positions being filled regardless of:

  • Age (over 40)
  • Ancestry
  • Color
  • Denial of family and medical care leave
  • Denial of pregnancy disability leave
  • Marital status
  • Medical condition (cancer)
  • Mental disability
  • National origin
  • Physical disability (including HIV and AIDS)
  • Race
  • Religious creed
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation