Placer County provides group health insurance through Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). If health insurance is not needed, you may select In Lieu of Health (ILH). HMOs generally pay 100% of the cost of care, after a co-payment. You are required to use in-network providers. Your care is coordinated through a designated Primary Care Physician.

Health Plan Comparison Tool & Resources

Choosing your health plan is an important decision. Log into your myCalPERS account to explore your health plan options. Verify that your healthcare provider will accept the CalPERS plan you are electing.  If you do not have an account, it takes only minutes to create one. This will allow you to access customized health information. MyCalPERS has tools and resources to help you with your health insurance provider decisions.

CalPERS Health Forms & Guides

  1. Anthem HMOs & PPOs
  2. Blue Shield
  3. Kaiser Permanente
  4. United Healthcare
  5. Western Health Advantage
  6. Opt-Out Medical

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  • Anthem Select HMO
  • Anthem Traditional HMO
  • CalPERS - PERS Care, PERS Choice, and PERS Select PPOs
  • PORAC PPO (Region I)

Still Have Questions?

CalPERS PPO Members
Call (877) 737-7776
TDD: (818) 234-5141

CalPERS HMO Members
Call (855) 839-4524
TDD: (818) 234-3547

Insurance and Benefit Trust of PORAC
Call (800) 655-6397
email: [email protected]

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While not a health plan option, OPTUMRx is the pharmacy care services manager for Anthem Blue Cross.