Capital Improvements administers new site and building construction, additions, remodels, infrastructure, building systems and hazardous materials projects for the extensive county portfolio of site and building locations from Roseville in the South Placer area, at the County Seat in Auburn/North Auburn, and up to the North Lake Tahoe region.


Our primary goal is to develop and complete fiscally responsible capital improvement projects that are operationally and energy efficient, accessible and sustainable through strong project leadership and management.

  1. Planning
  2. Design
  3. Bidding
  4. Construction
  5. Access Compliance
  6. Move Coordination
  7. Hazardous Materials

Early planning is critical for the success of Capital Improvement’s projects. All division projects are initiated with a well-defined plan. Scope, cost and schedule are the three planning pillars that are defined early and monitored closely over the course of a project.

Capital Improvements oversees a wide range of planning projects, depending on the type and needs for a particular project, including the development of large-scale master plans, individual new facility programs and feasibility studies.