Life Insurance

Basic Term Life Insurance

Placer County provides PPEO, DSA, Management and Confidential employees with a $50,000 life insurance policy at no cost. Unclassified non-management employees are provided with a $10,000 policy at no cost.

Coverage is automatic - you are not required to enroll. However, you must designate a beneficiary for the Basic Life Insurance benefit. A beneficiary is the person who receives the basic life insurance benefit in the event of your death. You may add or change a beneficiary by completing the beneficiary designation change request form (PDF). Return the completed form to the Human Resources Department. You may make changes to your beneficiary designation at any time.

Supplemental Term Life Insurance

Employees can apply for additional life insurance coverage at any time. Additional life insurance coverage is available for the employee in amounts up to $100,000. Life insurance is also available for a spouse or registered domestic partner and unmarried dependent children. Spouse or registered domestic partner amounts range from $12,500 to $50,000, but cannot exceed half of the employee’s coverage amount. Unmarried dependent children to age 23 amounts range from $5,000 to $10,000.

An employee can elect supplemental life through the new hire process, within 30 days, with no approval process. The coverage will begin 30 days from date of hire. To request coverage outside of the new hire process,  you must complete an application (PDF). Submit the completed application to the insurer. Coverage will begin the first of the month following the approval by the insurer.

Life Insurance Documents