Online Payments

Now you can pay your Air District fees online by using electronic check, debit card or credit card; American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa. You will need the Invoice Number (permit) or the Notice of Violation (NOV) Number (fine) in order to use this service. If you are trying to pay for an Authority to Construct application, please contact the Air District for further information at 530-745-2330.

Please note that Official Payments charges 2.25%  for credit card payments with $1 minimum, $3.49 for debit cards, and $0.75 for electronic checks.


CREDIT CARDS between $1.00 and $155.33 fee $3.49
                                           155.34 and above charged at 2.75%

DEBIT CARDS between $1.00 and $199.71 fee $3.49
                                     199.72 AND above charged at 1.75%

E-checks any amount $0.75