We are consistently ranked as one of the healthiest counties in California. Ranking is determined by the annual Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's "County Health Rankings." Placer County's high achievement in these rankings is testimony the success of our public health system. It is also due to the strength of our local economy and businesses, governments, schools, parks, and community organizations. Ultimately, it is because our residents, families, and communities make healthy choices for themselves and the people they care about.

Be Well PlacerBe Well Placer

The "Be Well Placer" campaign was launched to further improve the health and wellness of Placer County. If you live, work or play in Placer County, your wellness matters! Through employer-sponsored programs, training and resources, employees have opportunities to take part in healthy activities and behaviors at work. Healthy behaviors promote wellness and quality of life. We believe creating a healthy workforce benefits the organization and the community.