Placer County Transit

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Starting August 10th, 2020 fares will be required to board the bus.

Reduced service schedules: Auburn to Light Rail - Lincoln/Rocklin/Sierra College - Hwy 49 - Colfax/Alta - Taylor Road ShuttleLincoln Circulator - Lincoln School Tripper (AM) (PM)

Placer County Transit Service Reductions as of April 6, 2020 (Eng / Esp)

Please Avoid the Spread of COVID-19 When Using Placer County Transit – Wear a Face Covering, Load Through the Rear Door When Feasible, & Practice Social Distancing. (Eng / Esp)


Welcome aboard Placer County Transit, where you can ride the bus for only $1.25 each way!

Our goal at Placer County Transit (PCT) is to provide a safe and direct means of transportation service for western Placer County residents. We are committed to providing comprehensive and reliable transit service. We want our passengers to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant ride aboard our buses.

Thank you for riding Placer County Transit.

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