Placer County Health and Human Services (HHS) is a nationally recognized, award-winning organization committed to building a healthier community. More than 750 employees work across HHS in six divisions: the Adult System of Care; Children’s System of Care; Human Services; Public Health; Environmental Health and Animal Services; and Administrative Services. 

Placer County was one of the first California communities to create an integrated health and human services agency, aiming to provide more unified and holistic services to customers.

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The 2022-2024 Health and Human Services Strategic Plan articulates our department’s four over-arching priorities over the next three years. Each priority comes with a set of objectives and strategies—a set of actions or projects to bring priorities to life. 

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The development of this strategic plan was collaborative and included input and guidance from HHS leadership and staff, community-based partners, local and county government agencies, elected officials, and others. We will use the direction in the plan to carry forward our long-term commitment to institutional improvement, build on lessons and opportunities, and further fulfill our role as a service provider, community partner, community educator, and catalyst for a healthier Placer.

  1. 2023 Annual Review
  2. 2022 Annual Review
  3. ARCHIVED: 2019-21 Strategic Plan
  4. 2021 Projects
  5. 2020 Projects
  6. 2019 Projects

2023 saw the department continue manage complex change processes, from navigating the end of pandemic-era benefits and Medicaid redetermination; to shifting to a new electronic health record system for behavioral health; to preparing to enter the new HHS Center in Auburn in early 2024, among others. Many of the department’s accomplishments this year, aligned to our strategic plan priorities, are outlined in the 2023 Annual Review