Optimize the Building Environment

Optimizing the building environment engages employees and the public.

Health & Safety Improvements


  • Low to No VOC paints
  • Fire detection and alarm system upgrade

ADA Compliance Upgrades


  • Grading and installation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking, sidewalks, and signage
  • Installation of new front entrance stairs and handrails

Information Technology Communication Upgrades


  • Improves work efficiency by reducing travel time with Video Conference Capabilities
  • Improves air quality by reducing the need for travel and reducing electricity consumption
  • Improves community needs by providing free WiFi for guests and the public

Participation in the Auburn Art Walk


  • Inviting the public to visit the District office and learn more about our role.

District Goal Achievement

  • Goal 1: Achieve and maintain air quality standards for public health and environmental protection
  • Goal 2: Promote climate action/energy conservation strategies
  • Goal 3: Enhance public and community relations and Promote Environmental Justice